Water Treatment Equipment


Engineering and Design

Our consulting experts, process engineers and design specialists’ knowledge enable us to offer most efficient solutions to your complex challenges at the highest industry standards.

AKVANTE services range from preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning of the project.

 Our design team offers expertise in:

  • Water treatment process selection
  • Water treatment process modeling (RO, EDI projecting)
  • Pilot scale testing
  • Process Engineering and Design (Process Flow, Process and Instrumentation Diagrams PID, CAD, Electrical schematic)
  • Technical specifications
  • Commissioning and training

Equipment manufacturing, installation and start-up

AKVANTE designs, manufactures and installs water treatment equipment.

We offer a wide variety of standard and custom– made water treatment equipment. All components used in manufacture by AKVANTE come from the world wide known technologically leading suppliers only.

We always offer several alternatives of components suppliers in our technical specification (corresponding technical requirements and budget limits) for our customers choice:

  • Choice of various brands components (membranes, pumps, ion exchange resins, etc.)
  • Choice of materials
  • Choice of instrumentation and control
  • Full range of automatic control systems

Advisory services

We provide advisory services in the field of water treatment to help our customers solve technology problems and evaluate water saving possibilities.

Our services range from plant inspection and audits to maintenance and products supply. Equipment inspections gives information about current condition of your equipment and your needs for maintenance.

Feasibility studies can support your project during the early stage and give you in-depth analysis.

Piloting or employing a small-scale test plant helps to prove the concept of the full-scale system and is useful where difficult water exists or where is no detailed water analysis.

By upgrading you can change outdated technology, expand existing equipment capacity, increase effectiveness or reach higher environmental requirements.

AKVANTE ‘s engineering services includes basic and detailed engineering according to the scope of supply. Our proposals are customized to meet customer’s individual requirements and provided at no charge to our prospective customers. We have a goal is to build a close personal partnership with our customers and help them to save time and efforts.


  • Equipment inspection
  • Process evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tests and pilot plants
  • Upgrades

Maintenance services

AKVANTE offers full supply package which includes technology, equipment and consumables for maintenance.

We provide maintenance service ourselves or jointly with strong local partners. Our services are based on the key approach that water treatment is not just the supply of equipment. The goal of maintenance services is to increase our equipment reliability.

The most effective result is achieved when the customer following our consultation and detailed advices gets appropriately selected supplies for equipment maintenance from one source. This guarantees reliable equipment work and decreased maintenance costs.


  • Equipment service planning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Spare parts and consumables

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