Water Treatment Chemicals


Develop your chemicals business with AKVANTE!

We believe in a strong partnership.

AKVANTE provides you not only chemical products and chemical treatment programs but also will support you with great customer service which will fit your individual needs.

Find out how you can benefit from us by choosing one of our flexible partnership models. You are..

OEM company starting chemical products business. You are OEM company in water treatment and want to expand your portfolio with chemicals for boilers, cooling systems, heating systems, reverse osmosis, etc. Everything you need is experienced partner which can educate you. We will give you the tools for the work with your customers (questionnaires for technical data collecting, working forms for treatment programs calculation, etc.) and practical solutions on every step. This will save time and money and let you concentrate on sales. We are here to help you.

OEM company looking for an alternative supplier or product. You have your chemical products provider, but expected to be more satisfied with their services. We have heard many stories of frustration. Long delivery time or poor technical support.. Let us satisfy your needs.

Trade company. You may not have technical expertise but act as a distributor by keeping stock of products. We will provide you with strong technical support.

Individual. If you are individual which is technical expert in water treatment chemicals, choose this type of cooperation with us.  No need to have a company, keep any stock or involve capital. We can deliver products directly to your customer ‘s doors and guarantee the confidentiality. Become an Agent.

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