Water Treatment Chemicals


AKVANTE manufactures automatic chemicals dosing and control equipment to complement chemical treatment programs.

Automatic chemicals dosing and control skid prevents problems such as scale, corrosion, or biological fouling and others that often occur in water systems. They are used to ensure that chemical products are fed proportionally as it is very important while keeping set chemical regime. Improved control optimizes water treatment level, prevents chemicals overfeed and minimizes chemical consumption. Our dosing and control equipment keeps boilers and cooling systems operating safely and efficiency.

Our systems are application-specific designed according to your application requirements.

We offer complete chemical feed systems including:

  • controllers
  • dosing pumps
  • instrumentation
  • sensors
  • mixers
  • tanks


  • Skid mounted or assembled in cabinet
  • Web-based and GSM-based remote monitoring options available


  • Standard or custom – designed
  • Fully assembled
  • Plug & play
  • Compact design

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