We offer a full range of chemical products for boilers and heat exchangers descaling, systems flushing, pre-commissioning cleaning and passivation.

Find below our products range of descalers and cleaners:

AKVABON CL710 – Inhibited concentrate for acidic cleaning of steel and copper surfaces

Contains: hydrochloric acid

AKVABON CL711 – Alkaline concentrate for equipment cleaning and passivation

Product formulation developed for heat exchangers and other systems cleaning from oil, organic and mineral origin deposits. Suitable for surfaces passivation.

Contains: hydroxide, phosphates, polymer

AKVABON CL715 – Weak acid cleaner, based on phosphoric and sulfamic acids

Product formulation is inhibited concentrate for weak acid cleaning. Suitable for stainless steel and non-ferrous metals cleaning.

Contains: phosphoric acid, sulfamic acid, surface active materials, polymer

AKVABON CL720 – Weak acid cleaner, based on citric acid

Product formulation is developed for non-ferrous metals surfaces cleaning.

Contains: citric acid, corrosion inhibitor, polymer, surface active materials.

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