Chemical water treatment products have to prevent the cooling system from corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbiological growth.

Find below our products range for open and closed cooling systems:

Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides

AKVABON BI321 – Sodium hypochlorite activator

Product enhances efficiency of system ‘s disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.

Contains: sodium bromide

AKVABON BI361 – Biocide based on sodium hypochlorite

Oxidising biocide.

Contains: sodium hypochlorite

AKVABON BI362 – Biocide based on guanidine salts

Non-oxidizing biocide, effective over a broad spectrum of bacteria. Suitable in pre-commissioning cleaning and as a final maintenance treatment in new pipe work.

Contains: guanidine salts

AKVABON BI363 – Biocide based on quaternary ammonium salts

Product is a broad – spectrum biocide. Very effective against Legionella, fungi, bacteria, algae.

Contains: quaternary polyammonium salts

AKVABON BI365 – Biocide based on DBNPA

Product is fast acting, non-oxidising biocide formulation. Broad spectrum of activity.

Contains: DBNPA

AKVABON BI368 – Biocide based on isothiazoline salts

Product is a broad-spectrum non-oxidising biocide, widely used in industrial applications.

Contains: isothiazolines

AKVABON BI370 – Biodispersant

Product used as biofouling inhibitor. Enhances biocides effectiveness while used in combination.

Contains: polymer

Scale and corrosion inhibitors

AKVABON CO226 – Polyphosphates/ phosphonates based scale and corrosion inhibitor

Product developed for scale and corrosion inhibition with enhanced properties for steel corrosion inhibition.  Stable to oxidizing biocides, high temperatures and pH 6.5 ÷ 8.5.

Contains: phosphates, phosphonates, polymer.

AKVABON CO228 – Polymers/ phosphonates based scale and corrosion inhibitor

Product formulation developed for systems where moderate to high hardness make-up water is used. Suitable for systems with mixed-metals materials, large deviations of temperature. Stable to high temperature and oxidising biocides.

Contains: polymers, phosphonates

AKVABON CO283 – Zinc/ phosphonates based scale and corrosion inhibitor

Product is used in open cooling systems with mixed-metal materials. Effective at pH level from 7.5 to 9.0 and wide range of temperatures.

Contains: zinc, phosphonates, polymer

AKVABON CO285 – Polymers/ phosphonates based scale and corrosion inhibitor

Product has enhanced properties for online system ‘s cleaning from carbonates. Stable to oxidizers.

Contains: phosphonates, polymer

Chemicals for closed systems

AKVABON CO227 – Corrosion inhibitor based on molybdates

Product can be used in the systems filled with municipal water.

Contains: molybdates

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