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  • Why you need to treat your Cooling System?

    A maintenance manager once asked me: “I do not understand much about the water chemistry you are talking about, all that about the alkalinity and the hardness and the cycles of concentration. Can you please tell me why I have to spend good money to treat my cooling systems? Why should I buy chemicals and

    March 7, 2018
  • How to prevent “White Rust”? Galvanized (Zinc-coated) Steel Passivation in Evaporative Cooling Condensers

    When new evaporative cooling condensers are commissioned, special measures should be taken to ensure that galvanized steel surfaces are properly passivated to provide maximum protection from corrosion. Passivation is the formation of a protective oxide layer on galvanized steel surfaces. The new system should be pre-cleaned to remove oils and construction dirt. Before system’s start-up,

    February 20, 2018
  • Why you need to treat your steam generation systems?

    The operation and the chemical water treatment of a boiler or steam generator are well regulated by national and international standards as well as guidelines by the equipment manufacturers. It is therefore usually clear for the customer that he/she has to apply chemical treatment. Our task, as water treatment specialists, is to clarify what are

    November 22, 2017
  • A practical approach for Water Management in an industrial facility

    Every industry depends on and creates an impact on water resources. Some industries use water to process raw materials and manufacture goods. Some others use it for steam production, for cooling and for cleaning. Finally, for some industries it is a central ingredient in the goods they produce. The future of industry depends on the

    October 23, 2017