Akvante completes successful delivery of water treatment plant in Power industry

The power industry needs large amounts of water for the production of energy. There are strict requirements for water quality in the following applications: make-up water for cooling systems, feed water for boilers and condensate polishing.

Akvante has signed a contract to provide water treatment equipment and chemicals for the cooling system for one of Fortum CHP plant in Poland to supply water filtration plant. Filtered water (capacity 122m3/h) will be used for cooling system’s make-up.

The scope of work included the inspection, design, fabrication, delivery and technical support during start-up and commissioning.

Akvante is unique in water treatment sector as it delivers both water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals technologies, providing the complex solution.

Fortum is an energy company which operates in 10 countries and is the 5th largest heat producer globally. Fortum has 129 hydropower plants as well as 20 CHP (combined heat and power), condensing and nuclear power plants.